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Welcome to my personal blog page where I publish my observations about interesting places, food, culture, experiences I enjoyed while travelling. I write articles in Slovak and English. Click here for English only version. If you’d like to learn more about me and my writings can be found in my Personal interests section. I hope you will enjoy your time reading my posts.

Vitajte na mojom súkromnom blogu, kde publikujem svoje postrehy, názory, zamyslenia na rôzne témy, ale i fotgrafie a zážitky z ciest po svete. Články sú v angličtine aj v slovenčine. Pre čisto slovenskú verziu kliknite, prosím, sem. Prajem príjemné a oddychové čítanie.

Most recent blog posts

It’s that time of the year again. Today, I woke up to snow covered country. Christmas is white! 😊 I
Waiting for a snow cover in the deserted but beautifully decorated streets.

Random blog posts

Tirana became an unofficial capital city in 1920, officially only in 1925. You can see a lot of typical communist
After early images made by a simple pencil or with graphite pencil, I wanted to use more colours. Color theory
Parc des Bastions is one of many green places in Geneva, Switzerland. Besides statues, fountains and greenery, you can find
An animated photo of fast approaching summer thunderstorm clouds.
I made a short roundtrip to Oslo recently and did not have an opportunity to take any pictures so I
The Olympic Panathenaic stadium in Athens is located near the Zappeion conference centre, Hadrian's arch, Temple of Olympian Zeus and