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Welcome to my personal blog page where I publish my observations about interesting places, food, culture, experiences I enjoyed while travelling. I write articles in Slovak and English. Click here for English only version. If you’d like to learn more about me and my writings can be found in my Personal interests section. I hope you will enjoy your time reading my posts.

Vitajte na mojom súkromnom blogu, kde publikujem svoje postrehy, názory, zamyslenia na rôzne témy, ale i fotgrafie a zážitky z ciest po svete. Články sú v angličtine aj v slovenčine. Pre čisto slovenskú verziu kliknite, prosím, sem. Prajem príjemné a oddychové čítanie.

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Days before Christmas have their own charm. The atmosphere and the vibe at the Christmas market adds to it. This
This post contains some of my best and favourite photos taken during winter 2018/2019. I love when it snows, I

Random blog posts

Photos of my visit to Brighton, a seaside city in the south of the UK, reachable in a little over
Hollywood movie companies are discovering the Emirates. During the week of 12-18 April, Abu Dhabi once again experienced the filming
Here is the "break-your-tongue" itinerary for three days in northern Slovakia. I hope the Slovak tongue-twister location names will not
Agora on the Aeropagus hill in Athens was the administrative, political, commercial and social hub in the 6th century BC
Visegrad is a small Hungarian city often mentioned in the history. A castle from 4th century atop the hill offers
After several work- and study-related stops all around Europe, I decided to venture further afield. The offer to work and