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Welcome to my personal blog page where I publish my observations about interesting places, food, culture, experiences I enjoyed while travelling. I write articles in Slovak and English. Click here for English only version. If you’d like to learn more about me and my writings can be found in my Personal interests section. I hope you will enjoy your time reading my posts.

Vitajte na mojom súkromnom blogu, kde publikujem svoje pozorovania a zážitky z ciest po svete. Články sú v angličtine aj v slovenčine. Pre čisto slovenskú verziu kliknite, prosím, sem. Prajem príjemné a oddychové čítanie.

Most recent blog posts

Czech Republic: Boat trip Prague -> Slapy
Czechs are famous for their favourite weekend past time - tending to their summer houses - which are anything from
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Photos: Hungarian Gastronomy
Hungarian gastronomy is great. You will find perkelt, "gnocchi", langos, halaszlé, goulash and specialties from goose, duck, sea creatures or
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Hungary: Ezstergom / Ostrihom
Ezstergom, a Hungarian city on a southern bank of Danube, connected to Slovakia's Štúrovo by a historical bridge of Maria
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Random blog posts

Sri Lankan Elephants
Elephants in Sri Lanka are different than those in Africa. Asian elephants have no tusks, shorter ears, rounded backs and
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Discovering Slovakia: Orava castle
The Orava castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, is located atop a mountain cliff above the river
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Foto: Fontána na promenáde pri západe slnka, Abu Dhabi
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Drawings: Pencil sketches 2016
Since I learnt how to draw, I try to draw or paint often. I prefer colorful drawings, but I also
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Photo: Forsythia blooming just in time
Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂
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Nórsko 1: Už je to dva týždne…
… odkedy som sa „presťahovala“ na sever. Mojím novým domovom, s veľkou pravdepodobnosťou dočasným (ale nikdy nehovor nikdy), je Stavanger
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