Interesting Links / Zaujímavé Linky

I, like many of you, face information overload. I have developed a system that helps me and during the process I have come to these realisations:

  1. Many of us face information overload but to unplug completely is also not ideal.
  2. Find what works for you. Everyone is different.
  3. Curate sources of information. Go for quality over quantity.
  4. Automate to avoid distraction and bring focus.
  5. Use common sense and judgement.

Below are my trusted information sources I consult often.

My morning reads / Ranné správy:

For the fear of missing out – FOMO

About Energy / O Energiách:

Interesting information / Zaujímavé informácie:

I have also created lists on Twitter and follow accounts of respectable industry sources to catch up with the news in the industry, my interests and general. I most often only scroll through through the feed. There is too much information now and I am looking for new ways of dealing with this kind of twitter overload.

What do you read? Would you like to suggest anything new? Was any of my recommendations useful to you? Let me know.

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