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Do you need to collect, store and visualise data and draw conclusions?

Do you need to redesign your company use of data and information?

Do you need to learn working with Excel or other data software quickly?

My background

My professional life evolves around the areas of energy, knowledge management, big data, financial analysis, website development and application of new IT technologies. You can find more information about my professional focus on my bio page or my profile at LinkedIn. And although energy is my primary professional interest and a career path, I have always used my knowledge and skills in data and information management.

Since my university studies, I have worked extensively with data and information – sourcing, collection, quality assessment, clean-up, preparation and dissemination in various forms – report, charts, tables, web.

Especially between 2006-2013, I worked often with data. This included data sourcing and collection, analysis of large amount of data and information, assessment of its quality and accuracy, management of complex databases and forecasting models, preparation of tables and charts for storing or publication. And fact- and data-checking publications before going to print.

In 2013-2015 I added also work with information, its best format for retention for various audiences. My team designed and developed IRENA REsource, a renewable energy web-portal of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The portal is live since January 2015. It facilitates access to relevant, curated information and data about renewable energy sector for general audience, as well as policy makers and project managers.

Over the years, I have developed a very good understanding of how to do a good research on any topic, how to quickly assess the quality of information and data found. I learnt how to present and display the outcome of the analysis, the data and facts in a visually attractive, easy to use and understand way. It can be in a form of data-based model, a textual report, an interesting graph or a website. Of course, this is done easier and faster in a topic close to my interests – eg. energy, but can be done in other areas as well.

Knowledge I can bring to your project and team

  • Knowledge management and Big data
  • Information and data management best practices
  • Assessment of internal company use of data and information
  • Research and collection of large amount of data
  • Quality assessment of datasets and preparation for internal use
  • Development of complex models in Excel and VBA
  • Manipulation of large datasets with VBA or Tableau
  • Data visualisations in Excel or Tableau
  • Training – Excel at all levels, VBA for Excel
  • Knowledge-sharing application development


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and with specific requests.