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Victoria: Seychelles’ Capital

Seychelles consist of an archipelago of 115 islands. Victoria is the capital of Seychelles and it serves also as the administrative center of the largest island, Mahé. Victoria is the hub of all major administrative activities on Mahé, which is divided into 24 districts. Each district has its own school, church and a health center. Many of its district names reflect early French influence, but the capital is named after the British Queen Victoria. The economy of Seychelles is heavily reliant on tourism, but also includes fishing and small-scale manufacturing. The city houses one of fhe largest tuna factories in the Indian Ocean.

Slovenská verzia článku: Victoria: Hlavné mesto Seychel

When visiting Victoria, I was intrigued the by Parliament Building and High Court, as well as the mam made energy island with wind turbines and solar park.


The Clocktower is historical marker central to the city, similar in design to Little Ben in London.

Eden Island is another artificial island built in 20 or so years, representing modern development within the city. Eden Island caters to both tourism and local needs, providing luxury accommodations and commercial spaces that help support the local economy.

Man made Eden Island, Seychelles
Marina at Eden Island

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