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Welcome to paradise or weather Seychellois

Imagine you’re lounging on a sun-drenched beach in Seychelles, the kind of picture-perfect scene you’ve seen on countless postcards. The sun is bright and warm on your skin, the sea is a shimmering shade of turquoise, and the sand beneath you feels like finely milled powder. You dip into the water, which is as clear as glass and just as refreshing, and think to yourself, “Could this get any better?”

Verzia v slovenčine: Vitajte v raji alebo pár slov o Seychellskom počasí


Let’s have a look again at picture perfect Seychelles with calm turquoise sea and white sandy beaches.

As you float, basking in the calmness, you notice something unexpected. The sky, just moments ago a clear expanse of endless blue, begins to change. A few stray clouds drift lazily overhead, and then, quite suddenly, a light drizzle tickles your face while the sun still smiles down warmly. It’s an enchanting contradiction—a sunshower—reminding you of the playful unpredictability of tropical weather.

When drizzle starts while sunshine is all you see and you are undecided whether to jump to the sea or under a nearest roof.

But then, the mood shifts. The clouds gather courage, swelling into towering figures of dark grey. You remember your grandpa’s old lessons about watching the sky, predicting what’s to come. A distant rumble of thunder sends a thrilling chill down your spine. And then you spot it—a red flag whipping in the wind along the beach. You make a quick decision to head for cover, thankful for those childhood lessons. The weather turns, and for the next 36 hours, the storm and rain claim the islands, transforming the peaceful beach into a scene of dramatic beauty with winds that narrate ancient tales of sailors and storms.

Next you notice dark cloud approaching and remember your grandpa’s lessons…
And a red flag…
It looks small on the radar picture but my blue dot covers the whole main Mahe island. 11/4/2024, Accuweather

This rapid change from tranquility to tempest is a typical feature of the local weather here in Seychelles.

Weather Seychellois

  1. The Tropical Climate: Seychelles boasts a tropical rainforest climate, which means it’s usually warm and can get quite humid. The ocean, thankfully, offers a cooling respite, making even the hottest days bearable. But this paradise-like weather is also prone to rapid changes, influenced heavily by the sea and seasonal winds.
  2. The Seasons: There are two main seasons here. From May to October, the southeast trade winds bring the dry season. This is when the weather is generally milder, less humid, and the waters are calm—ideal for those idyllic beach days. However, from November to April, the northwest monsoons take over, marking the wet season. During this period, the islands can experience heavy rainfall, sometimes accompanied by spectacular thunderstorms and gusty winds.
  3. Weather Phenomena: Beyond just rain and sunshine, Seychelles experiences various intriguing weather phenomena. The quick shifts from clear skies to stormy weather aren’t uncommon. Observing the sky can tell you a lot about what the day will hold – watching for the height and color of clouds or the warning signs like red flags. These practices are about safety and making the most of each day in this beautiful but sometimes temperamental climate.


Morning after…
Beau Vallon, Seychelles


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