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Drawing: Dry brush

I have recently again been asked about my drawing and painting adventures. Whether I have stopped drawing or what is happening… I know I have been relatively quiet on this topic on my blog. But I have not given up. 🙂 Since my last article about pastel drawing, I have tried various other techniques like dry brush, water-colour painting, oil painting and made numerous sketches and drawings. I will be posting more posts about it soon, so watch this space. 🙂

Čítajte ďalej v slovenčine o technike Dry Brush, v doslovnom preklade “suchý štetec”.

This post will be about a technique I tried a year ago – dry brush. I was surprised how easy it was and impressed by the results. In this technique, you paint with a “dry brush” – there is only color on it. I used oil color (black) with a very small amount of oil. You can use different hues and also ink, tempera, acrylic or water-color paint. Depending how much color you put on the brush, you can paint intense dark areas, shades, light areas and everything in-between. The strokes have a scratchy look on the paper, it is not so smooth as oil or water-colour painting. It is a bit similar to pencil or charcoal drawing, but here you cannot use an eraser. You make a mistake and it stays on the paper.

Many painters use this techniques for portraits. I am not a fan portraits, as I can never get the facial proportions right. So I paint stills and landscapes. Here are some examples. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Apple – my first try on the technique with light dry brush – little colour on the brush


Apple – my first try on the technique with dark dry brush – a lot of colour on the brush


Dry brush painting
My second drawing


Dry brush painting (original top, painting bottom)
Comparison of my painting (original top, painting bottom)


Dry Brush painting
A glass


Dry Brush (original left, painting right)
Comparison (original left, painting right)


A mountain (Dry Brush painting)
A mountain 


Dry brush painting (original top, painting bottom)
Comparison of my painting (original top, painting bottom)


Links: Wiki about Dry Brush technique, an exercise with Acrylic paint


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