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Photo: Strait of Hormuz, a busy waterway for oil and gas tankers

For years, I worked as an oil market analyst. I like the topic and although I have now veered more towards renewable energy, my interest in oil did not fade. And therefore I often see things related to oil around me. Oil is in a certain form actually everywhere around, from cars to low-quality handbags. Yet, in the United Arab Emirates, there was an overflowing supply of particular forms, not easily found anywhere else. The best was a large oil pipeline crossing the desert (you can read more about it in my earlier blog post). And the second best was this long oil and gas tanker traffic jam off the coast of Fujairah emirate, near the Strait of Hormuz. We were driving along the road from Dibba to Fujairah and stopped to admire a very old mosque and a fortress in Biddiyah, when I saw this line of tankers on the sea. I could not stop watching and counting the vessels. My friends had to drag me away.


Tankers lined up toward the Straits of Hormuz, view from Biddiyah, UAE
Tankers lined up toward the Straits of Hormuz, view from Biddiyah, UAE

V Emirátoch nebol problém natrafiť na každom druhom kroku na referencie na ropu. Cestou po pobreží, ktorá spája Dibbu a Fujairah v rovnomennom emiráte na východe krajiny, som so záujmom mne, ropákovi, vlastným, sledovala túto “vodnú dopravnú zápchu”. Rôzne druhy tankerov križovali Hormúzsky prieliv. Tie prázdne smerovali dnu do zálivu naložiť ropu a zemný plyn, a plné zase von za zákazníkmi.

Place / Miesto: Biddiyah, Fujairah emirate, United Arab Emirates

Date / Dátum: February 2014


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