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UAE: Things to do in Dubai (for those well off)

Dubai is a city that invites you to spend money. If you have some, you can for example:

Swipe your credit card as often as possible at some of the stores in the giant shopping malls. It is entirely your choice whether you would like to combine trying on and shopping for the new Versace dress, the Armani suit, the Louis Vuitton handbag or Manolo Blahnik shoes with some cultural (festival, art exhibition), sporty (skiing, ice-skating) or leisure activites (the aquarium, penguin show), or not. Rest assured you will already burn a decent amount of calories as the shopping centres are not small.

Replenish energy levels drawn by tiresome shopping in some fancy eateries. You can, for example, visit the japanese restaurant in the Armani hotel located in the famous Burj Khalifa tower. Besides delicious food, the view is also splendid – the world’s tallest tower above and the Dancing fountain display every thirty minutes on your right. A leisurely walk along the lake with the “festival of lights” exhibition is only a cherry on the top.

After getting tired by the shopping malls, but still with some mood for spending money, you can visit traditional souks. There is also one with gold and precious stones. A diamond bracelet, a saphirre ring or a golden necklace? Best is to go shopping there if you do not care about how much you spend, know how to haggle or you go there with someone who knows how to haggle. Or (and only case you ahve enough self-control and are not an impulsive shopper) you can visit the Gold souk as any other tourist for window shopping.


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