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Oman: A few more words on Mussandam and Arabian fjords

Mussandam is the northernmost part of Oman isolated from the rest of the country by the Emirates. To the north, there is the Strait of Hormuz with Iran only 45 km away. This part of Oman is full of high and steep mountains with amazing views attracting hikers and climbers. Some other parts of this country resemble to the city of Tatooine from the movie Star Wars I, especially from the scenes of the race in the desert, although in reality it was made in Tunisia. BTW, there is only one coastal road leading to this part of Oman, passing white sandy beaches, mountain serpentines and astonishing views.



The coast is referred to as the “Arabian fjords” and I have to admit it is not that far. Norwegian fjords are definitely the most beautiful natural creatures I have ever seen, but these Arabian fjords provide a huge advantage thanks to the water temperatures not causing pneumonia after and accidental fall and the fjords provide beautiful scenery during the swimming and sunbathing on the many white sandy beaches. Only by the way, almost all scenario of global warming impact project significant rainfall in this region, so Arabian fjords may look like the Norwegian fjords in a not so distant future.

Arabian Fjords, Oman


Geiranger Fjord
Geiranger Fjord, Norway

In addition to white beaches, there are also small fishing villages, which can easily be overlooked. The sea is full of fish, even during my morning swim I watched a thrilling copy of “Catch me if you can” movie, with a 25 cm long and incredibly fast fish as Leonardo di Caprio chased by a meter long and slim like fish. In the end, the main targets of our trip were very nice, kind and playful. They seemed to rever in high waves left behind by a motor boat, as well as in competition race, diving and “hide and seek” game, which they inevitably won.



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