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UAE: Annual weather forecast

One morning at the beginning of October, I woke up, looked out of the window and saw a white nothing. The fog lifted relatively quickly, but posited the day.

The average October temperatures were 32-39°C, but the humidity felt worse. A 10 minute walk left me soaked up in my own sweat and the moment I got out of an air-conditioned place (in my case most often a certain shopping mall – BTW the shopping malls are huge here, with shops ranging from H&M to Versace almost next to each other), I could not see anything for a while thinking whether to take off the sunglasses and squint into the strong sunshine or not.

Moreover, besides quite a dense fog early in the mornings, the city is covered in a mist throughout the day. An eye may not notice it, but a camera certainly does. Therefore I prefer to take pictures in the late afternoon, to avoid ending up with a shady picture.

And so, how will the weather during my one-year stay look like? The next few months will most likely be sunny, hot (25-35°C) and humid (~70% and more). And from May on, it will probably be sunny, very hot (35-50°C) and very humid (~80% and more).

Unfortunately, my camera could not capture the beautiful view my eyes could see.



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