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UAE: Broadening horizons

After several work- and study-related stops all around Europe, I decided to venture further afield. The offer to work and live for a few months in Abu Dhabi (UAE) brings many novelties in one package. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

  • Vocation – after several years analyzing the oil markets, forecasting oil prices and writing company reports, I step into renewables energy fiels combined with web design and content management. And project management on top of it.
  • Lifestyle – back to the city, with a lot of people, skyscapers and restaurants.
  • Lifegoals – yes, it ticks the “I want to live in a warm and sunny country for a while” and the “I would like to experience Middle Eastern culture”.
  • Weather – warm and sunny, especially after cold and rainy, yet amazingly beautiful Norway.

Views from the Observation Deck:

I think this looks nice for a few months. 🙂


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