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Norway 4: Bus Adventure

I am waking up in the morning. It is still dark outside. I am getting slowly under the shower, dressing myself and leaving for the bus. Usually it’ s late, but I try to be at the bus stop on time anyway. Maybe this time it is on time. It’s pouring rain. But at least, it is a little bit warmer. I’m raising my hand to signal to the driver. I can see a free double seat in the back. Excellent! I sit down, pulling out my smart phone and starting to work. I utilize the time spent on the bus to save some in the office. Hmmm, oil prices rose again.

After some time, a sudden rush of activity is waking me from my concentration. I am trying to figure out what is happening. Bus is stopping on the road away from a regular bus stop and half of the commuters are rushing out. Maybe the driver forgot to stop despite their signals. It is getting a little brighter outside. The sun is rising, but it is still raining.

After a while we’re passing Ikea. Wait, I’ve been near Ikea only once – on my way to the airport. Where am I exactly? I am looking around, hopelessly trying to figure out my location. The driver probably took the wrong turn, I am calming myself down. 99% of the crossroads are roundabouts anyway, so it is not a problem to return.

I am looking around in the bus. One man, I recognized from my work, is arguing with the driver and then furiously calling someone. To my question he answered that the driver took a wrong turn and refused to return. Oh, great! So he missed around ten bus stops as if everything is all right? Great! Getting out of the industrial zone, where we are now, back to the office area is becoming rather a long walk in the rain.

I am noticing few more people from my work in the bus. Norwegians … calmly debating. To my question, whether they have any idea how to get back, they said that it would sort itself out. OK, so I am waiting until it sorts itself out.

The bus is arriving to its destination in the neighbouring city. One guy is chatting to the driver persuading him to take us back. To my great surprise, he does. I am soon getting off at “my” stop.

The next day in the morning. Taking a bus to work. I am a bit afraid. I carefully watch the road. Will he take the correct turn?

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