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Switzerland: Fireworks everywhere / Ohňostroje
Swiss celebrated their national day on 1 August and finished the celebrations with fireworks and bonfires. I watched it from
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France: Jardin de 5 Sens, Yvoire
There is an interesting sensory garden in Yvoire - Garden of Five Senses. This project is on for already more
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France: Again in Yvoire
After a year I again returned to the medieval city of Yvoire on the coast of Lake Leman. This time
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Czech Republic: Boat trip Prague -> Slapy
Czechs are famous for their favourite weekend past time - tending to their summer houses - which are anything from
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Photos: Hungarian Gastronomy
Hungarian gastronomy is great. You will find perkelt, "gnocchi", langos, halaszlé, goulash and specialties from goose, duck, sea creatures or
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Hungary: Ezstergom / Ostrihom
Ezstergom, a Hungarian city on a southern bank of Danube, connected to Slovakia's Štúrovo by a historical bridge of Maria
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Fountain di Trevi in Rome
Fontana di Trevi at night, Rome, Italy
  Place: Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy Date: 3rd April 2016  
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UAE: Weekend in Abu Dhabi
Most recent ultra short visit from a friend inspired me to write this short post summarising what to expect from
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SAE: Vikendovy obed v Li Beirut, Abu Dhabi
Li Beirut je reštaurácia v hoteli Jumeirah v Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi. Varia tu skvelé jedlá z Blízkeho východu a
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A day trip to Brighton, UK
Photos of my visit to Brighton, a seaside city in the south of the UK, reachable in a little over
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UAE: Ramadan
I have just added to my collection of multicultural experiences the first week of Ramadan. Ramadan, which started last Sunday
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SAE: Je ti zima, dievčatko?
Ja som veľmi teplomilný človek, preto mi to počasie tu v AD teraz pripadá ako v raji. Teploty okolo 30°C,
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