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My name is Martina Repíková. I am a data analyst, energy industry researcher, traveler and learner.

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in the energy industry – oil markets, renewables, energy use in ICT and transport. I have also experience in knowledge and data management, big data, internet of things, financial analysis, website development and application of new IT technologies.

My private activities are in the area of learning and adventure – my passion is travel, photography, tennis, writing, drawing, painting, reading and learning languages.

You can find more about me, focus of my consulting services and my personal blog posts on this website. Start reading my bio or head directly to the focus topics below.

And do not hesitate to contact me for more information or with specific requests, ideas and suggestions. You can also reach me via social media sites such as LinkedInTwitter and Instagram.



My Focus


Energy consulting

Oil and gas markets
Renewable energy
Energy data and methodology
Energy market modeling
Use of energy in transport
Energy consumption in ICT sector


Data and knowledge management

Data management
Data quality assessment
Development of complex models
Excel and VBA trainings
Knowledge management
Information overload


My personal interests

Expat life
Learning new languages
Travel and photography
Drawing, painting
New experiences



Recent Articles


UAE: It’s Cold Outside
I like warm and sunny weather. The climate in Abu Dhabi feels like heaven. Temperatures around 30°C, sunny and bright
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UAE: Abu Dhabi, first impressions
Abu Dhabi is certainly a very large city – Wikipedia confirms it is the second largest city in the country
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UAE: Broadening horizons
After several work- and study-related stops all around Europe, I decided to venture further afield. The offer to work and
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Postrehy: To ticho
Jedno poobedie v práci. Vonku vykuklo spod mrakov zimné slnko. Osvetľuje holé kmene stromov oddeľujúce diaľnicu západne od budovy. Autá na streche
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Nórsko XY: Koniec? Snáď nie..
Všetkým, ktorým som to doteraz osobne nezaželala, prajem všetko naj v tomto roku. Aj sa mi zdalo, že som sa
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Norway 6: Summer is here!
Along with a heatwave in Europe, the summer arrived also to the north. Today’s temperature climbed to an amazing 15°C
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Random blog posts


UAE: Abu Dhabi, first impressions
Abu Dhabi is certainly a very large city – Wikipedia confirms it is the second largest city in the country
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Discovering Slovakia: Castle in Trencin
There is a lot of castles in Slovakia. Some are still standing and open for public visits, others are only
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Fountain di Trevi in Rome
Fontana di Trevi at night, Rome, Italy
  Place: Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy Date: 3rd April 2016  
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Photo: River in Himalayas, Nepal
Pokhara, a city in the eastern Nepal, is a starting point for trips and expeditions to eastern Himalayas. The well
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Chandelier in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE
This magnificient chandelier, decorated with Swarowski cristals, gold and other precious stones, hangs in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu
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Drawing: Starting with Colours
After early images made by a simple pencil or with graphite pencil, I wanted to use more colours. Color theory
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