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My name is Martina Repíková. I am a data analyst, energy industry researcher, traveler and learner.

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in the energy industry – oil markets, renewables, energy use in ICT and transport. I have also experience in knowledge and data management, big data, internet of things, financial analysis, website development and application of new IT technologies.

My private activities are in the area of learning and adventure – my passion is travel, photography, tennis, writing, drawing, painting, reading and learning languages.

You can find more about me, focus of my consulting services and my personal blog posts on this website. Start reading my bio or head directly to the focus topics below.

And do not hesitate to contact me for more information or with specific requests, ideas and suggestions. You can also reach me via social media sites such as LinkedInTwitter and Instagram.



My Focus


Energy consulting

Oil and gas markets
Renewable energy
Energy data and methodology
Energy market modeling
Use of energy in transport
Energy consumption in ICT sector


Data and knowledge management

Data management
Data quality assessment
Development of complex models
Excel and VBA trainings
Knowledge management
Information overload


My personal interests

Expat life
Learning new languages
Travel and photography
Drawing, painting
New experiences



Recent Articles


UAE: Middle Eastern delicacies
Abu Dhabi was not only about sun, sea and work, but also food. The city is full of top restaurants
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Discovering Slovakia: Castle in Trencin
There is a lot of castles in Slovakia. Some are still standing and open for public visits, others are only
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Kreslenie: Technika Dry Brush alebo “na sucho”
Teraz vám predstavím techniku Dry Brush, v doslovnom preklade "suchý štetec". Je to veľmi jednoduchá technika a výsledky sú fakt
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Drawing: Dry brush
I was surprised how easy it was to paint with a technique called dry brush. You use a "dry brush"
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Czech Republic: Castle in Rajec-Jestrebi
We have discovered this lovely castle with a big public park and gardens in Rajec Jestrebi purely by accident. We
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Czech Republic: Luhacovice and the spa
Luhacovice is a small, lovely spa town in the south-eastern part of Czech Republic, in the Morava region. It is
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Random blog posts


Norway 2: How to get to know you neighbours (or A workshop about Norwegian culture)
I live in a quite comfy apartment here in Stavanger. It is just opposite the shopping centre, in-between a very
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Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
Lake Ohrid lies on the border between Albania and Macedonia. It is one the oldest and deepest lakes and it
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UAE: Sandstorm
Sunday 17 August was one of the hottest days of the summer in the Emirates with temperature reaching 48°C. There
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Slony na Srí Lanke
Srí Lanské slony sú ázijského typu bez klov, s kratšími ušami, tmavšou kožou, plochším chrbtom a jednoprstým chobotom (pre porovnanie
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Ženeva pôsobí nenápadne, ale zdanie klame
Švajčiarske mesto Ženeva leží medzi jazerom Leman a Alpskými kopcami pri hraniciach s Francúzskom. Je to taká ohraničená plocha, že
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Nórsko 4: Autobusové dobrodružstvo
Ráno vstávam ešte za tmy. Pomaly rozlepím oči, odvlečiem sa pod sprchu, oblečiem sa a odchádzam na autobus. Ten väčšinou
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